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Out to discover the world, one adventure at a time.  


I got the travel bug on my first international trip abroad to Spain when I was 19 and haven't been able to stop since.  I am also somewhat of a research nut when it comes to preparing for a trip.  I am constantly thinking of trips to go on and always looking up websites for information about countries and cities I am interested in.  


Although many travel sites have been good to me, I find that all of the opinions sometimes make the information on tours, hotels, cities (etc.) somewhat skewed.  It's much easier to take the opinion of someone you have more information on.  


My goal is to let people know a little bit about myself to see if they can relate and find my knowledge through experience useful.  Not to mention that this will be an awesome way for me to document all of my travels.  I will be writing about the places I go, the places I stay, the things I do, the food I eat and much more.  


I do NOT do this as my profession.  I have a full time job in NYC that seems to take up basically all of my time.  However, when I do have an opportunity (long holiday weekend & vacation days), I try to take advantage, jump on a plane, and go somewhere new!  Unfortunately, I am unable to stay in places for too long, so while I feel my experiences are incredibly rewarding with an understanding of where I’ve traveled to, it’s not the same as if I were living there or traveling in an area for months.  I hope that you can appreciate my feedback no matter what type of traveler you are!


I will say, while I try to include all of my experiences, good or bad, for the most part, I will take the time to tell you what TO do and not what to avoid.  Once you get an idea for all the amazing stuff, the rest will fall into place.  


Although my list of countries is still small, it is growing every year and I am eager to continue.  I hope everyone enjoys reading about my experiences and will be inspired to travel as well, as I believe it is truly a way to grow.  Thank you and enjoy!


Countries Visited: Iceland, Ireland, Spain, Switzerland, The Netherlands, France, Italy, Greece, Germany, England, Portugal, Turkey, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Brazil, Chile, Canada, Dominican Republic and Turks & Caicos.


Favorite Country: Too hard to possibly decide.  Right now, my favorite trips I've recently taken are Italy, Greece & Chile.


Favorite City: New York City- Again, a biased opinion because I was born and raised outside NYC in New Jersey. But come on, who doesn't love NYC!?


Top Criteria I look for in a travel destination: Culture, Food, Scenery, History


Travel Wish List: The list could literlly go on forever and covid has changed everything but prior to covid, my top five countries were Tanzania, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand & Croatia.


Next Trip Scheduled: Hawaii! I've been before but excited to go back soon ans explore. 


More Info About Me: I am married with two little girls are home. I have three sisters, four step sisters, one step brother, three brother in laws, one sister in law & six parents.  I love my big family and they have helped shape me into the person I am today.  For the most part, this website will show you pictures of the places I have seen without anyone in them.  Except for this section.  Below is a gallery of me traveling, and when lucky, traveling with the people who mean the most. 


“Home is wherever I’m with you”

Pamela Loria Pennisi

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