A picture of Santorini will never do it justice.  The view from the cliffs of Oia is too special for words.  This is an amazing island that should not be missed.

The Activities


I stayed in Oia which is the highest tip in Santorini.  This also means you are on cliffs and have to travel for a lit to get to the beaches.  I used ATVs to travel but a car may have been a good idea as you are driving about 45 minutes to get to the nice beaches.  While the beaches in Santorini are nice, I personally thought Mykonos had more beautiful beaches.  


Very touristy but a pretty cool beach to see. You have to walk up a huge rocky hill and then down the hill to get to the water.  I bought some chairs to stay but again, it’s crowded and touristy so I didn’t stay long.  There is also a boat that takes you to the white beach if you want to go there which is totally unexcessable by land.  I didn’t go to the white beach but it looks pretty cool.  I ended up leaving the red beach after a few hours but it was nice to see.


Very classy, upscale beach. I believe it's twenty euro for a nice chair and umbrella.  The day I visited was a bit windy (which I think may be common) but it was still fun.  If you don't want to spend the day & money on chairs here, you could stop by for lunch, it's really amazing!


Really hidden relaxed beach club, you drive at least a mile down a dirt road to come across this hidden gem.  There are these huge walls with holes in them, it almost looks like another planet and the beach is great.  The beach beds are only eight euro!  There are also two kayaks you can use for free which is so much funfun! I went back here twice because I loved it so much.


Large beach with black sand.  The water has mostly big rocks so if you want to spend a lot of time in the water, swim shoes may be very useful!


I went here during the day when the beach was too windy and it was absolutely amazing.  It is closer to the beaches so the location was convenient in that perspective but it is a little far from Oia. The views are breathtaking of the ocean.  We did the 18 glass wine tasting which comes with cheese and olives.  I could have stayed here all day and if I didn’t have an ATV to drive back, I would have.  If you can avoid having to drive yourself back, it would have been even more fun.  I took home five bottles that day and put them in the small trunk of the ATV!


To Yacht or not to yacht...Yacht! I went for the cruise that takes you for the second half of the day and ends with a beautiful sunset.  You sail across all of the beaches with time to jump in swim and snorkle.  They provide a super yummy lunch and all you want to drink.  For the people with a weaker stomach (me), it can be windy and rocky so drinking was not for me. They also take you to a thermal spring area where the water is nice and warm.  It gets chilly by the time the sun is going down, so bring a change of clothes to be more comfortable.  

The Food


I loved this place so much I went back a second time.  The location is more discrete on a side road but I was happy it was recommended to me.  By the second time around, I noticed that I was ordering too much food (either appetizers and meals or a ton of appetizers to try more things) so I decided to just stick to what I knew I liked and ordered only main meals.  The octopus entree is boiled in a sweet wine and it's amazing.  My favorite octopus of the entire trip!  I also ordered the parpadelle pasta with slices of lamb and porcini in a white cause.  It says it's a white sauce but it's not very creamy or anything resembling an alfredo sauce.  It's more rich and refined.  It was one of the best things I ate in Greece, I highly recommend.  Make a reservation and request to sit outside (it's still covered but it's a nicer view).


This was a short walk and then a lot of stairs down to the water- watch out of donkeys and their droppings :) There are a few restaurants and it's a great view of the sunset.  This is the best restaurant of the few down there.  They have a famous lobster spaghetti dish for two people that costs 100 euro.  At the time, I didn't think it was worth it, but I am still thinking about that spaghetti!!  They have a fish display of what they caught for the day and you can pick what you want and they will prepare it for you. It's very delicious.  The fried zucchini is very nice and light (for a fried dish) and the octopus appetizer is also a must, very tasty.  Make a reservation if you go!



Restaurante Pizza Edwin- A place to go if you're looking for something affordable and easy. They also deliver!   One pizza will be finished by two people and two pizzas’ is too much.  The Greek Pizza was good!

Lolita’s Gelato: Great Gelato! My favorites were the coconut and the plain yogurt.  They let you try as many as you want before ordering which is always fun.  Great little dessert and close to Roka (but nothing is really far).


A hole in the wall, mostly takeout place, that serves awesome gyros. The spicey sausage is good but my favorite was the pork.  The garlic pita is also delicious as well as the side of French fries. You don’t need gyros..and fries...and pita but it mixes it up and is fun :) Definitely go for a cheap quick meal!



The most amazing mango-honey-colada you will everr have! I asked the waitress for the recipe and I try to make it at home, but I can never get it quite right.  A must!!

The Lodging


Atrina is located in Oia which is the very tip and highest part of Santorini.  I was seriously considering several hotel options before pulling the trigger with Atrina. I also looked into staying in Fira but after visiting that area when I was there, I was happy I went with Oia.  From the second I arrived at Atrina, I knew I made the right choice.  I stayed in Irenes Suite and it was absolutely lovely.  It did not have a plunge pool but from the pictures I see now, they may have added one.  The staff are a serious attribute to it's charm.  They provide you with a phone when you arrive which you can use to call them any time for them to get you a taxi, make dinner reservations for you, or anything else you may want.  They bring you your breakfast to your patio each morning and it is so delicious.  I really loved everything about this place and hated leaving.  It is also on the main strip so it's very easy to get to all the restaurants at night.  I would 100% recommend and would 100% return!


Breakfast with a view.  The staff brings your specialized breakfast order to your patio every single morning and it could not be more amazing.  The food is delicious, the convenince is amazing, but the view is priceless.  Sit back, and relaxxx!










Disclosure: Traveled in July 2015

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