Florence is in central Italy and part of the larger Tuscany region.  I did not have enough time here, and definitely need to return.  What I did see, was a beautiful, old city with amazing attractions and food.



The Activities

Florence has a lot to offer!! Unfortunately, I only had one day to try to fit it all in.  Some of the popular places to visit are the  Duomo & Tower, The David, The Palace & Piazza Micalangelo.  Attached is a picture of Piazza Mcalangelo.  It's across the river and atop a hill of a climb but what a view!

The Food


Sandwich place- If you can, you must go there for lunch, it should really not be missed! The lines get very long a so try to go on the earlier (or later) side if you can.  I asked one of the guys to make me their favorite and they gave me the most amazing salami sandwich with lots of other goodies, it was so so so good!!  You can sit down or taker your sandwich to go and eat along the water.  I still talk about these sandwiches!!! 

Location:L All'Antico Vinaio, Via dei Neri, 74/R, 50100 Firenze, Italy


Famous Florentine Steak place.  Florentine Steak is all about the size, cut, and temperatue.  This is a picture of the very big, very rare, very delicious steak.  The restaurant is a bit fancy and a little expensive but people love it.  This place was recommended to me by a family from Italy that now live in the US and have an Italian Restaurant here.  The other nice thing is that the restaurant gives you a few extras for free which goes a long way for customer satisfaction. 

Location: 10/12 18 R Borgo Pinti, Borgo Pinti, 50121 Firenze, Italy

The Lodging


I was accommodating my family with this trip and we wanted to all stay together.  For this reason I decided to forgo the hotel route and went with Airbnb.  This place is jaw dropping.  I can only imagine what the value of this property is.  It was built hundreds of years ago and the details are insane.  From the original staircase, to the ceilings in every room. Just wow, wow, wow! If you are open to skipping the hotel, you will not be sorry.  The location is also excellent, within walking distance of everything you want to see.  I even had friends in town on the same day who came to see our apartment and they could not believe it.  This place is special.

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