A lot of people have been asking me, why Chile? Why don't you go to normal countries that everyone travels to!? Well, there were several reasons that I wanted to go to Chile and I am very happy I did.  Patagonia was always a place I wanted to visit- for the natural beauty, for the outdoor activities, and to be honest, this was a big bucket list place for me.  Not only did Patagonia seem amazing, but I had heard that Chile had beautiful wine regions that I also wanted to see.  For those who don't know, Chile is a very long, very narrow country along the west side of South America.  You may not realize it when looking at a map, but things are far a part from eachother.  There were other places I wanted to go (Atacama Desert), but I couldn't fit everything in.  When I was there I realized, I probably should have tried to squeeze it in because I was so impressed with everything I saw.  Oh well, I will have to come back, and I definitely will! 


A few high level things to know about Chile, at least from my experience.  When I was looking at lodging outside of Santiago (Patagonia and different wine regions) I had a very hard time finding ‘mid-budget’ lodging.  It was either extremely expensive or very very cheap and not much in between.  The expensive places is where I ended up staying and while I was not disappointed, it ended up being a more expensive trip than I would have imagined it would be for an emerging country.  Another final thing to say is that, if you don’t speak Spanish, by the end of your trip you will leave thinking, how do I not know Spanish!?  While you can find people who speak English almost everywhere you go, people definitely prefer to speak Spanish, and why shouldn’t they!?  I left thinking to myself, come on, be smarter, learn Spanish!





Colchagua Valley

Disclosure: Traveled to Chile in March 2017


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