Lisbon is a really cool city.  I spent most of my time here wandering the streets and exploring.  There are some great vantage points you can travel to to see the city from a better view.  The food is also really great here.  Enjoy!

The Activities


A great way to see the city is by foot.  Lisbon is a little hilly but for the most part, it's a walkable city.  Head down to the water and explore.  The shops, the markets, the food, it's all good!


I am very upset to say so, but I got sick the day I was supposed to take a trip to Sintra.  From what I've heard, this is a must see.  You can hire a private car to drive you there and see all of the castles for not that much money.  I think the flexibility of a private tour is worth the money.  I would definitely go here if you can!


Portugal is famous for their Fado which is a type of singing genre.  You can pretty much go anywhere in the city to find this music.  It is meant to be a sad and longing type of music but it's very beautiful.  

The Food


I had the most amazing dinner here.  This is a great seafood place, that I went to and waited in line to get in.  This is a local place that has become very popular among tourists as well.  The seafood is the specialty here, the crab dip, the claws, the clams, the prawns, all amazing.  For dessert, order a steak sandwich and throw some mustard on it.  Wash it down with a beer and you'll leave satisfied. 



Looking for a delicious dessert that you can eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner & dessert?

Look no further. These small little pieces of heaven are everything you want.  A flakey crust, a sweet custard filling, a caramelized top and so much more.  You can find these anywhere you go in Portugal and they are yummy and cheap.  Have them, and have them often!


The Lodging


I had a great stay at Valverde.  It is a pretty small hotel with excellent decor and rooms.  The absolute best part about this hotel is the staff.  We stayed for three nights and after the first night, we were upgraded.  The classic room I was in to start was nice but the suite was amazing! Every person working at this hotel is willing to help.  I was sick one day and anytime someone saw me they would ask how I was feeling.  The location is good but not the best in Lisbon. Overall, this hotel was a great experience.

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