Mykonos has more of a 'party scene' than some of the other islands, but if you're not looking for that, don't let it discourage you because you can definitely find a slow pace in Mykonos!  The breaches are so incredible and the island is pretty small, so you can see a lot of different areas in a short amount of time.  Everything is very accessible!

The Activities

Mykonos Town

All white everything...and blue.  Downtown Mykonos is exactly what you dream of when you think of Greece.  White stone, small alley paths, blue doors, it's quant and I loved it.  You can do Mykonos at any speed you like, whether it's clubbing all night long, or strolling the streets, going to dinners and calling it a night.  There is something for everyone.  There are tons of little shops to buy souveniers or just browse through and lots of people walking around.  If you want to go out, that starts way later into the night so try to catch a nap on the beach that day if possible!

The Beach Scene in Mykonos

Mykonos is small enough where I usually did two beaches a day.  I would start out early in the day and go to the beautiful, relaxing, quiet beaches.  Then later, around 4pm or so, I would leave and go to a different beach.  Usually around that time, the other beachers like Super Paradise and Paradise are starting to get going.  You can grab a drink and watch the crowd from a distance but if you want to dance and be involved, go for it!  It's definitely a fun atmosphere to check out.  I would stay for a drink and then head back on the ATV to the hotel, relax for a little and then go to dinners later in the night. The final thing I will say is that while some of these pictures look similar, each beach is completely unique with it's own style- find what you like best!

Elia Beach

I went to Elia the first day in Mykonos.  I decided to pay 20 Euro for two beach chairs and an umbrella where you sit in the front row of chairs and you can order drinks/food.  I absolutely loved this beach.  The water is gorgeous, it's very laid back, not crowded, just lovely!  This ended up being my favorite back in all of Greece.  Go early and spend the day!

Paraga Beach

Very cool beach, beautiful water and a few large rocks in the middle of the water that people swim out to and lay on.  I ate lunch at the restaurant there and it was very good, albeit, expensive.

Psarou Beach

One of the prettier beaches I went to with very clear water.  Bring goggles and snorkle rght off the beach.  You won't see anything crazy but you will see tons of little pretty fish! When you first walk in, there are really nice chairs which there was a wait for at the time.  All  did was walk past those to the chaies with a little less thick cushioning and it was a lot less expensive and no wait! There was also a low key snack bar which was nice because you can grab cheep beers and sandwiches and snacks for much less than the other beach restaurant here.  Most beaches don't offer a 'cheaper' option like this so I really loved it! 

Paradise & Super Paradise Beach

Yes- those are all empty bottles of alcohol.  If you're looking for the party, this is where you go.   

Super Paradise: The nicer beach of the two (in my opinion).  The hill to get down to super paradise is insanely steep, if you are ATVing like I was, make sure you have the most powerful one.  If you don't, you will not be able to get back up so park on the side of the road before going all the way down.  The DJ and dancing starts later in the afternoon and it is crazy and fun, there is another bar called White Pinky that is all white, and very classy so you can go over there for a drink if the other section is too wild.

Paradise: Bigger party scene than super paradise.  There is a guy walking around with a microphone saying inappropriate things and wearing an obscene outfit/banana hammock.  If this is a family trip, maybe avoid this beach.  Otherwise, if you are looking for a good time, grab a drink and hang out.  There is also a night club called Cavo to check out.

The Food

Vencia Hotel: Our hotel had a great restaurant with a view.  Lots of travelers would book reservations for sunset.

Vegera: Out of all the places I went in Mykonos for dinner, this was my favorite.  It is next to the port so you can see the town lit up at night over the water, it’s very pretty.  I do not know the exact names of the dishes but as an appetizer I got this filo 'pastry' with feta cheese inside and drizzled on top with honey and sesame seeds- this is a must!  For an entrée I got the pasta with lamb pieces and cheese on top.  Again- this was amazing and a must! The llamb chops are served with fries and they were pretty good. They also give you a small shot of sweet dessert white wine from Samos at the end of the meal which I obviously LOVED!  

Mamalouka: The place is like a little outside garden that is very beautiful and peaceful.  The food was pretty good but nothing amazing.  I had grape leaves here that were good.  The atmosphere was the best part.  

The Lodging

Vencia Hotel

This hotel is located within walking distance to Mykonos town which you will find useful if you do not want to drive your ATVs around at night and worry about it!  As you can see, it has an incredible view over the water.  The staff is amazing, the breakfast is delicious, the drinks are scrumptious, you really can't go wrong!! You will have to take your ATVs to the beaches but I chose that over driving them around at night.  We stayed in their basic room which I would probably try to upgrade if I could next time.  Love this hotel and would definitely go back!

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