Cappadocia is one of the coolest places I've ever been to.  This city is an airplane ride away from Istanbul.  The main attraction in Cappadocia is the rock formations and the hot air ballooning.  You are secluded in this part of the country, but it really felt magical being there.  It's incredibly peaceful in all of it's beauty.  I am so happy I decided to go to Cappadocia and would highly highly suggest going!





Hot Air Ballooning! I was a little nervous to do this because it can be dangerous and a few weeks before our trip, tourists were killed in a crash.  So, I really did my research.  I decided to go with Butterfly Balloons for several reasons but pilot experience and saftey regulations were my top concerns.  This company (unlike every other company) takes the weather into consideration each morning when deciding where to launch the flight.  Every other company starts at the same place every morning so not only is weather not accounted for with the others, but all the ballons are on top of each other in one small spot.  We had Mike as out Pilot and I couldn't have been happier and felt more safe.  I would definitely recommend Mike and Butterfly Balloons. To date, this was one of the coolest things I've ever done.


Also located in Cappadocia.  This is an outside area to walk around and explore the extremely unique rock formations of the area!  If you don't think Hot Air Ballooning is for you, this is a fun alternative to see the landscapes.

The Lodging

This hotel was amazing.  I was not feeling very well and asked for some tea and the person at the front desk suggested this amazing mint tea that they made for me all weekend.  The rooms are absolutely amazing as well.  The cave rooms are a special experience that you must do!  The areas to lounge at the hotel are beyond relaxing and magestic!  I also want to note that I picked this hotel, over other cave hotels, based on location because I wanted to be in Gerome.  Cappadocia is a very quiet area to begin with, and Gerome has the most restaurants etc. which is still limited.  Finally this hotel is in walking distance to the Gerome Open-Air Musuem.
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