Rome is another Italian city that I did not spend enough time in.  I decided to do a quick layover before starting my honeymoon in Greece.  Because of this, I didn't didn't see everything.  Rome is a busy busy city.  There is tons to see.  I can imagine this city would be more enjoyable at a slower pace, I just didn't have the time! Take Rome on at your own speed!



The Activities


The Colosseum in Rome is a really cool place.  I am much more of an ‘architecture’ person than ‘art’ person and this place does not disappoint.  This amphitheater is the largest ever built where people would go to watch gladiator contests and lots of other types of battles.  Earthquakes caused severe damage to the Colosseum, but it’s still amazing.  Definitely worth a visit.  Again, either go first thing in the morning or get tickets ahead of time!!



If you go to Vatican City, which you probably plan to do if you’re going to Rome, you have the opportunity to visit the famous Sistine Chapel.  You probably know, but the ceiling was painted by Michelangelo.  The detail is incredibly detailed, I don’t know how long it took to finish but I can imagine it took forever.  No pictures are allowed to be taken here and it’s a bit smaller than I expected so you don’t really spend a lot of time here since there will be a ton of people in the room with you, no matter what time.  Enjoy, appreciate, and move on. 


The Pantheon is a now a beautiful church in Rome.  I am highly against these tourist trap areas where all the restaurants surrounding the historic site charge a huge surplus for their food because of the location, and you leave always disappointed.  There is a loop hole however, and it’s grabbing a drink! It’s impossible to be charged too drastically for a beer.  So you can sit back, enjoy the scenery and relax.  Be sure to visit inside the Pantheon before or after!










This is obviously my own opinion, but I was very underwhelmed by the Spanish Steps.  I guess, I thought it would be this enormous amount of steps that you conquer and feel incredible.  It’s not that many steps…. You get to the top and I felt like, is this it? Feel free to go and check it out for yourself! It’s no inconvenient to get so at least it’s not a big deal either way.   

The Food


I was recommended this restaurant by another person who is from Italy and I was not disappointed! The best thing I had from the menu was the Amatraciana which is like a tube pasta in a light red sauce with pieces of crispy pig cheek- so amazing, I absolutely loved it here! There is a market and a restaurant so if you go to the market for your reservation and get confused, don’t worry, the restaurant is around the corner!

The Lodging


The location is amazing, and walking distance to all of the sites you want to be walking distance to almost all of the attractions but you need to take transportation to get to the Colosseum and the Vatican but this is a better location to be in that those locations. We were very pleasantly surprised with the size of our room, it was very spacious and modern! The breakfast is pretty good in the morning as well. The staff is extremely helpful in giving suggestions for dinner. I absolutely loved out stay and you cannot go wrong going here!!

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