Venice is a special city.  The city built on canals, has a pretty view everywhere you turn.  The thing to note is that the city is small and the streets are narrow.  It can become quite crowded during peak seasons so keep that in mind when planning a trip.  The prices can also be a bit steep here.  But, it's crowded and expensive for a reason- there is no where else like it. 



The Activities


Yes, it was touristy and I loved every minute of it!! Ok, I know that most of the time, you travel, and you want to blend in.  You want to do what the locals are doing, you want to avoid the tourists.  Well, it’s not always possible because locals don’t take serenaded gondola rides through the canals, but is it awesome? Yes! So, suck it up, commit to being a tourist, and enjoy it.  It's a fun way to see the city!


Venice is known for their homemade blown glass made in Morano. It can be expensive, but you can definitely find something in your price range, even if it's a little small souvenier.  It's fun to see all the shops with this beautiful and different glass.

The Food


Little hole in the wall pasta place that is take out only.  People line up around lunch time to get the fresh pasta of the day (there are usually a few choices) as well as some fresh sauces.  I went simple with the garlic, olive oil, hot pepper and cheese- they put a lot of cheese on top and it was super yummy! Take away and sit on a canal and have a nice little, casual lunch! It’s only 5 or 6 euro per serving which is a nice change from Venice prices!! Oh yeah, and they also serve to go wine or beer-yes!

The Lodging


For this trip, I was staying with a larger family group.  Because of size and the fact that we all wanted to be together, I needed to think outside the box from a traditional hotel room.  I wanted us to not be separated by rooms and I also wanted to try to save a little money.  For these reasons, I went with an Airbnb.  I found a three bedroom directly on the grand canal.  This was a special home.  Built hundreds of years ago with intricate details.  The views were incredible!  This is what I would consider specialty housing so I know it may not be for everyone, but it was spectacular and I would definitely go back!

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