I have only been to Milan twice, for one night each time, so I definitely don't have enough info to do this city justice.  However, it's a beautiful, classy city.  The woman are all dressed amazingly well, even the ones jumping on a motor scooter, I was so amazed! Fashion really is everywhere.  More to come on my next trip!

The Activities


The major attraction that I knew of was the Duomo.  This cathedral is stunning.  If you want to wait on line to go in and go to the top for a great view of Milan, you can absolutely do that.  Another option is to skip the line, say you are there to pray and go into a sectioned off area for that.  You will definitely not get the full effect of the church doing this but, to be able to go in, see it and leave without waiting on a crazy line has its advantages.  Your choice!

The Food


Pizza anyone!?  Again, I have a limited knowledge base of Milan, but I went back to the same pizza place my second time around.  This place is very authentic with locals waiting outside to get in.  There are two floors but again, the wait can be extensive so either get their early or try to have your hotel make you a reservation.  The menu is in Italian so pointing to things you like helps.  You can also manage to differentiate which ones are white pizzas vs. red which is half the battle.  Don’t go here for a quiet, intimate evening…but do go here for delicious pizza!

The Lodging


I absolutely loved this hotel!  The hotel itself is gorgeous, the location is perfect (right next to the Duomo) and the service is excellent. The rooms are very spacious, the bathrooms are amazing and the beds are extremely comfortable. It is a little expensive but I thought the accommodations were worth it.


I stayed here on my first visit because the Park Hyatt overbooked my room and I had to be moved.  This sounds inconvenient and I thought it would be, but they put me in a suite and it was unbelievable.  This hotel is super high tech with all the amenities. 

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