This city is a great place to relax and enjoy the beautiful beaches! The downtown area has lots of great, upscale restaurants as well as clubs that don't open until late in the evening.  This is definitely one of the more posh beach towns of Turkey!

The Activities


When you stay at a hotel like the Kempinski, it's hard to leave! This hotel has a beautiful, private and secluded beach.  You could lounge all day long at this beach.  The hotel also has an amazing pool if you're more of a pool person.  Either way, it will be hard to go anywhere else!

The Food


This restaurant/bar is in the downtown area of Bodrum.  The food is good and the scene is upscale.  If you stick around long enough this turns into a great place for drinks and a night out. 

The Lodging

It doesn't get much better than this hotel. This hotel is high class all the way!  Everything from the lobby, to the pool, to the outside lounge with hookahs!  The only thing to note is that this hotel is on a cliff so you have to walk down a good amount of stairs (and an elevator) to get to the beach.  We didn't mind at all, the beach was amazing and very private! However, I do think they will give you a ride down in their gold carts if you request it. Breakfast was also included at this hotel and it was the most amazing food I ate on the entire trip! Have all of the homemade breads they make on the spot for you!
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